NZ First For Consegna!

Consegna is delighted to announce that we are the first AWS Partner in New Zealand to receive the accreditation of ​AWS Server Mass Migration Service. ​ ​


As part of the AWS Service Delivery Programme, Server Migration Service (SMS) is an agentless service which makes it easier and faster for our customers to migrate on-premise workloads to AWS. ​ ​

SMS allows customers to automate, schedule, and track incremental replications of live server volumes, making it easier for organisations to coordinate large-scale server migrations. ​ ​Congratulations to the team ​who are now leveraging Mass Migration Services as one of Consegna’s areas of ​specialisation​.

How to Save Big Dollars on Direct Connect Costs

Our COO Michael Butler recently published an entertaining and insightful look into how you can save yourself time and money on Direct Connects.

” Having spent many years in the instant gratification world of AWS I find myself getting (unreasonably) frustrated when the IT services I want to use don’t align with the commercial models of public cloud


Find out what Mike discovered in Software Defined Networking & the confessions of a network engineer in the cloud and how you can benefit from Mike’s insights.

Sydney AWS Partner Summit

We are thrilled ​with the Amazon Web Services​ and ​​customer recognition highlighted at the Sydney AWS Partner Summit held 4 April​,​ 2017.


A superb achievement for the Consegna team​,​ surrounded by our New Zealand and Australian based partners and colleagues.

Thank you to QV for their continued support and congratulations also to the other AWS Partners who achieved recognition for “Customers Innovating on AWS with APN Partners”.

Consegna AWS Channel Reseller

Consegna have now added another dimension to our customer centric cloud services.

Consegna Accreditations

As a newly certified AWS Channel Reseller we can now work directly with existing and future AWS customers to optimise their AWS Billing.

The key benefit Consegna clients gain from AWS Billing optimisation, is identifying where resources are over provisioned, or under utilised. Working with the Consegna team on a monthly basis, it’s possible to review optimisation reports and identify where savings can be made. Usually it’s very easy to implement simple changes that will provide tangible benefits to the organisation, often improving their bottom line.

Consegna AWS Public Sector Partner

Consegna are proud to announce that they are now an accredited AWS Consulting Partner in the New Zealand Public Sector.

Public Sector partner

This has been achieved through a number of customer success stories. The Consegna Team remains focused on delivery excellence and would like to thank our customers and AWS for their continued support.

“The AWS Public Sector Partner Program (PSP) recognises partners with solutions and experience in helping government, education, and nonprofit organizations around the world achieve their missions.” (source)


Consegna Consulting Partner Status

Consegna have ​now ​achieved AWS Consulting Partner status!

Consulting Partner

​​We are ​excited to ​continue our partnerships with AWS and our customers. Helping to guide them in building their internal cloud capabilities and delivering AWS digital transformation across their organisations.

Congratulations ​also ​to our dedicated, experienced and certified team for ​all of their ​hard work, focus and ​customer first​ mindset.

“APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.” (source)

Michael Butler: Consegna Co-Founder

Michael Butler

Cosegna.Cloud Co-Founder Michael Butler

Following on in our series of meeting the Consegna.Cloud team, we introduce Michael Butler. Mike is the Consegna.Cloud Chief Operating Officer and Consegna.Cloud Co-Founder.

Michael has been at the forefront of public cloud within the New Zealand market for a number of years, working with the largest AWS consultancies in Australasia. Mike has substantial experience in building and managing Cloud product delivery and has an intimate grasp of the technical and organisational challenges which companies face when moving to AWS. Mike has a deep understanding around the practical application of proven Cloud assessment methodologies, with a focus on delivering clear roadmaps to the Cloud. Mike leads the Cloud Services Business as Chief Operations Officer and Founding Partner.

John Tayor: Consegna Founding Partner

Jt Pic

Founding Partner John Taylor

Here’s your opportunity to meet some of the team behind Consegna.Cloud in a series highlighting key team members. Who better to start with than the founding partner, John Taylor.

John, what motivated you to start Consegna.Cloud?

I have a customer first and outcomes focused mindset and I wanted to work in a company that put that front and centre in everything we do. A guiding principal within Consegna.Cloud is integrity and honesty. With a focus on the customer, working with them, we do digital transformation collaboratively. This is a crucial point of difference. Not doing Cloud at you, but with you.

What experience and background does John bring to the Consegna.Cloud MD role?

An AWS Certified Professional, John has over 20 years IT Infrastructure delivery experience throughout the UK, Europe and APAC region’s, with a passion for Technology and Cloud Transformation. John has a driven, customer first and outcomes focused mindset. He has successfully delivered numerous Cloud initiatives for organisations across multiple industry verticals, to both private and public Cloud topologies. With vast SME and Enterprise customer practical Cloud Consultancy experience, John drives the Consegna Business as Director and Founding Partner.