Stop your business going backwards


I just had the pleasure of listening to Kevin Rowland from Ezibuy speak at the Retail NZ Summit in Auckland. My favourite quote from Kevin’s talk was, “Retail is like walking up a down escalator. If you’re standing still, you’re actually going backwards.”

This is true of most business and industry. If you’re not following Ezibuy’s lead and seeing how you can innovate with data and intelligent contact centres like Amazon Connect, you’re likely to be going backwards simply by sticking with the status quo.

It was interesting to see early incarnations of retail, before supermarkets when the owner-operators knew you personally and could make recommendations based on what they knew about you from your regular visits.

With technologies like Amazon Connect, and it’s supporting AWS CX technologies, this level of genuine personalisation is possible in the modern era. One example is checking your order system based on caller id, to ascertain whether the customer is phoning about the status of an order.

The value-add for your call centre staff, is increased call quality by not having to deal with mundane, monotonous calls that a clever Lexbot can deal with.

It’s a win for your business and your team, but most importantly, a win for your customers.

Find out how Consegna can integrate into your existing CRM and support systems with Amazon Connect. 


5 reasons appreciation ensures success

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected

This week I put in an unusual sixty hours alongside some of my team members. We all had a number of high pressured, time constrained deliverables: 

A critical workload to migrate during one of our client’s busiest sales periods of the year. An important presentation, to wrap up some world first specialised training the Consegna team have been privileged to receive with AWS. And to top it off, a trip South from Auckland to meet with another client, after  the 2am change the night before – with a “sleep-in” until 5am to catch the flight!

You often hear people on public transport griping about their job and how busy they are. They express how put out they are, how much of a personal burden it is and how much their job really sucks. 

Me? I absolutely loved every minute of it!

How could this be possible you ask? Well here are the five reasons appreciation ensures everyone’s success.

Acknowledgement of effort

Friday afternoon we had to present to the country manager for AWS in NZ, and some of the top ANZ AWS Professional Services team.

Before we got started, the AWS country manager personally thanked us for taking part in the programme we’d been training in, and the massive effort we’d all put in on top of our regular client deliverables. I really appreciate the acknowledgement of effort, it underlined his leadership qualities, and he achieved all that simply with a heart-felt “thanks”.

The internal acknowledgement had well and truly been there, but to get this extra acknowledgement was greatly appreciated.

Having people’s trust

My team and I completed two 2am back-to-back changes after two busy days working well into the evening. We were at pains to make the migration to AWS services as seamless as possible. The pinnacle of the change – nobody even knew the site had switched services. 

Our client was ecstatic, and the careful approach that we’d used paid off.

Changes of this nature in the middle of peak business activity are extremely challenging. It’s only ever possible when you have the absolute trust of your team and your clients. When problems occur, you can’t successfully solve them if people don’t trust in your skills, expertise and ability to solve them. 

We were ultimately successful because even in the face of difficult circumstances, we had our client’s trust and we did everything in our power to validate that trust. Trust is a form of appreciation, and without it, you just can’t be successful.

Making a difference

Earlier this year AWS helped enable their partners and clients with the “Well Architected Review” (WAR) tool. This allows clients to work with AWS partners to review workloads and identify whether or not they are well architected to AWS best practice, and remediate in areas where they’re not.

Among the high pressure deliverables the team had this week, was a WAR with one of our key clients which I lead. The pivotal moment of that exercise arose when, towards the end of it we could all see that there was a lot of work to be done. The client’s team were in a challenging spot, but then this magic moment took place. 

We articulated the following;

“What we have here is a great opportunity to get you to a much better place than you are now. There’s a number of small easy changes we can make, and they’re going to get you a long way towards being well architected. Not only that, operationally your lives are going to be a lot better with these things improved.”

The uplift of demeanour in the room was palpable, and they knew that what was being suggested was achievable. Appreciation doesn’t always come in the form of words. It also comes from the expressions on people’s faces when you are able to deliver workable solutions. It provides a deep sense of satisfaction in what you’re doing, because of the difference it’s making to others. Enabling us to deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Team and Management Support

When you put in big hours and deliver to tight schedules, having the backing of your leadership  and entire team is critical to your success. Knowing that they’re there when you need them is one of the subtler, but more powerful forms of appreciation. It’s also the little things, like your MD buying you a triple shot coffee because he knows you need it!

At Consegna we have a stellar team of people. People who are there even on their day off to support you, just to make sure things go smoothly. That’s true commitment.

It’s a two way street

This week was unusual. We have no interest in our team burning out from long hours, and it was me having to convince my MD and COO that I was OK. If anything I was buzzing and thriving on one of the busiest weeks I’ve had this year. 

Some of the deliverables I’m not sure how I managed. Like putting together a slide deck after a 10 hour day, and still having the energy to present it the next day. Delivery is what we care about at Consegna, and that’s what we’d all been so busy with. Delivering great outcomes for our clients.

Appreciation is quite simple at the end of the day. We get well looked after at Consegna by a committed senior leadership team who have the team and our clients at the forefront of their minds. It’s a necessary two way street. You step up when you need to, and get looked after from end to end.

Personally I don’t see value in time-in-lieu or trying to account for all the time I’ve put in this week. I do it because I care and I love what I do! We get looked after well with team dinners and events, participation and inclusion in specialist AWS training. With fantastic office locations, facilities, and flexible working conditions. We also get all expense paid trips to key events like the AWS Summits and APN Ambassador events. These allow us to expand our knowledge and further hone our skills for the business.

When appreciation flows both ways success is inevitable. With delivery a focal point at Consegna, appreciation and trust in our team is what makes us a success.